Observer and keen to learn and try new things. These characteristics clearly define my personality and way of working. Crafts have always sparked an interest and curiosity in me and have guided me towards a path of learning and respect for work that requires processes linked to creating with hands. This has also allowed me to get close to materials, their characteristics and the potential they hold. Working with wood, forging iron and crafting pottery submerge me into those wonderful moments in which thought is conveyed through the hands for the purpose of working on the material and converting it into the original idea. And it is particularly with pottery that I feel a special connection between humans and material things. This is most likely due to the direct contact of the hands with the clay and the plasticity of this material, which enables you to shape it while you feel in touch with the clay. A contact which results in sensitivity and respect towards the material.

I specialise in throwing on the potter’s wheel, creating decorative items and finishing touches that are inspired by age-old techniques combined with a contemporary style.

I am an Industrial Engineering graduate and, besides dedicating myself to pottery, I am currently studying architecture. These studies help me to reflect on and observe my surroundings and human interventions within it, the spaces, volumes, materials, textures, etc., and allow me to discover synergies between architecture and pottery. Moreover, they help me to appreciate more and more the importance of the material itself and its essence.